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​Wow... that got cold. Fast.

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​Wow... that got cold. Fast.

Hey roadies, if the recent polar vortex has got you hanging your ride in the garage for the winter, don't despair.

The alternative to trying to cover every inch of skin in wind proofing to avoid frostbite, is to dive into the luxurious environment provided by Climaxx Cycling & Fitness and keep your cycling legs in top form.

Don't hole up in your basement watching "Friends" reruns on your indoor trainer! Hook up with the peleton at Climaxx for the Winter.

Your riding buds will think you've been doing secret training as you crush them up hills next Spring.

Our state-of-the-art Schwinn bikes have the look and feel of the ride you just hung up for the season and will give you the feedback your Strava app could only dream of.

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