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Climaxx Cycling Sufferfest Charity Ride For ONEFoundation A

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Climaxx Cycling Sufferfest Charity Ride For ONEFoundation A

A big thank you to all of our supporters who helped us raise over $1100 for ONEFoundation Benefitting Mental Health. Congratulations to all the riders who suffered through the grueling Sufferfest videos to show their support to those truly suffering with mental health issues. 

Five of our riders battled their way through 10 Sufferfest Videos back-to-back in their quest for Sufferlandrian Knighthood. Kelly Petch, Tom Unwin, Larry Danks, and leading the charge, J.R. Enns and Corey Kantola. Congratulations on your successful completion of this most noble honour.

Special Thanks to the backstage crew, Kathy Brodeur, Janice Peskett and Lesley Danks for providing food, towels, ice, advil, barf buckets and encouragement.  

We look forward to the next Quest For Sufferlandrian Knighthood!

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