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Climaxx Cycling & Fitness 6 Week Challenge 2016

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Climaxx Cycling & Fitness 6 Week Challenge 2016

The 6 Week Challenge is back! Its time to set some goals and crush 'em. Improve your fitness level. Lose weight. Get lean. Transform your body.

Next Challenge starts Monday March 28th 2016.
Unlimited cycling & fitness classes
Body Composition and measurements with the Fit 3D & InBody Scans for REAL results
Fitness Plans
Nutrition Tips
Climaxx Nutrition Workshops
All included in the non-member price $219 +tax
Already have a class package or monthly package?
Member pricing (not including classes): $79 +tax for Premium Members (Best Value!!) and $99 +tax for Class Package/Unlimited Monthly Members.
Get ready to work hard and be the best version of yourself in 2016!
Expect a Workout...Experience Climaxx. Call or Text 905-329-3396 Email info@climaxxcycling.com for more information.
Expect a Workout.
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