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Climaxx is Expanding! Studio2 Opening Fall 2017

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Climaxx is Expanding! Studio2 Opening Fall 2017

One of the earliest things you learn in grade school when you are constructing a story: who, what, when, where and "why".  

"Why" always comes last and it's a prime example of "last but not least". Because without the "why", there is no purpose to the story.

I would like to share with you the "why" of my story.

When I opened Climaxx Cycling & Fitness 3 years ago, my vision was to build a culture using indoor cycling as a way to inspire clients, both physically & mindfully, through focus, hard work and never settling for anything less then the best version of themselves.  We set the bar high in 2014, and we are about to do it again this fall!

With a tentative opening date of November 2017, Climaxx Studio 2 will open two doors down from our original location.

New full body classes coming to Studio 2:  

Hardcore Circuit 60

This intense 60 minute circuit class combines strength training on CYBEX brand equipment, with a cardio burst component on the Concept 2 rowing machines.  3 rounds of 12 stations alternating upper and lower body with a 2:1 work to rest ratio.  Hardcore.  High Intensity.  Fast Results 

Stretch & Unwind 45

This 45 minute stretch experience is dedicated to undoing the muscular tightness from your daily workouts. Stretching is an excellent addition to any fitness program to improve posture, enhance mental focus, breathe awareness, and to help prevent injuries. 30 minutes of a wonderful zen stretch followed by 15 minutes of guided meditation. Meditation is an incredibly enjoyable, healthy and inspiring way to achieve inner peace.

Our current studio at 4 Second Drive will continue to provide the same incredible spin classes St. Catharines has grown to love, plus now there will be a new cardio class on the block that will take Niagara by storm!


RealRow 30 and ProRow 30

We are bringing in a fleet of Concept 2 Ergs to rock the boat on your cardio routine. Rowing is an efficient way to build leg, core and upper body strength and cardio endurance.

RealRow 30:

30 minutes of learning the basics of rowing technique on a Concept 2 Erg with proper form and stroke while building cardiovascular endurance.

Pro Row 30:

30 minutes of intense Rowing intervals designed to work lower body, core and upper body and increase metabolic response. The Venue Race Application of the Concept 2 Rowing software will allow the studio to link all rowing stations for real time racing during class!

We will continue to offer the best spin classes in Niagara with the Performance metrics to give you real results!  

Our waitlisted Full Body Hardcore 60 classes will also be in the mix.

Our WHY is continuing to expand.  Climaxx Studio 2 will again raise the bar in Niagara and offer the biggest variety of fun and innovative classes between our two incredible fitness facilities.

At Climaxx we ARE a community.  We inspire, motivate and touch each others lives in unique and positive ways.  We have helped transform peoples lives.  Why not yours?

Kathy, Janice, Kari, Leah, Keddi, Shawna, Tom, Christine, Sydney...your Climaxx tribe

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