Whatever your fitness level, every class at Climaxx Cycling & Fitness in St. Catharines welcomes you to challenge yourself and have fun doing it!


Real Ride 45 or 60 

Our traditional 45 or 60 minute cycling class focused on delivering an authentic real ride feel on our Schwinn Carbon Blue bikes. Guided by expert instructors to upbeat music, you will be taken through various cycling workouts, such as climbing, racing, endurance rides, and power sprints!  Highly specialized performance tracking during every ride provides the perfect motivation to challenge you to take it to the next level!  Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast and novice riders alike.

Intro Ride 30

This class is for new riders. You'll learn proper bike set up, hand positions, and body positions on the bike and will get comfortable with the settings and use of the bike's computer. The Intro Ride is offered twice a month. New riders are welcome to participate in the Intro Ride as many times as needed to feel comfortable moving into one of our regular classes. Please check the schedule to book your bike or give us a call.

The Sufferfest

Widely regarded as the best cycling training videos in the world, The Sufferfest cycling training videos are now available at Climaxx Cycling & Fitness. We bring the thrill of riding Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, World Championships and other iconic races to our riders in our state of the art cycling studio with incredible surround sound. All while tracking your suffering with Performance IQ software.

The Sufferfest Cycling Training Videos offer several intelligently designed cycling training workouts set to great soundtracks and killer racing footage.  We also host our annual Knighthood Quest and boasts 6 Knights and Dames who have completed the task of 10 back to back Sufferfest Videos.


Hardcore 60 Classes 

The name is both a description and a goal! Strength training is an essential part a well rounded fitness program.
Our Hardcore classes are strictly mat-based classes that work on building core strength and lean muscle with elements of HIIT, Circuit and Strength Training protocols. Each class uses a mix of Stability Balls, free weights, bands, Equalizer bars and more. Proper form, technique and breathing are a major focus in all classes. All fitness levels welcome. Modifications will be made for beginners. 

Just Core 45

Just core, say no more.
In this class we focus on strengthening the core with prescribed sets of core exercises performed with interval training protocol. A strong, stable core is essential to increase pedal stroke efficiency and power on the bike as well as reduce lower back pain and shoulder tension. This class design follows a prescribed plan based on interval training for the core in a specific work to rest ratio for optimal results.

Yoga For Cyclists 60

This 60 minute cycling-specific yoga experience is dedicated to a total state of focus that incorporates complete togetherness of body and mind. Yoga is an excellent addition to a cycling fitness program to stretch tight muscles, improve posture on and off the bike, enhance mental focus and breathe awareness, reduce cycling-specific repetitive strain and help prevent injuries. A yoga mat is recommended for this class.

  • I checked out Climaxx Cycling & Fitness after being diagnosed with arthritis in my right hip due to many years of pavement running. After a slump of many months of low physical activity and poor eating habits, I signed up for the 6 Week Challenge at Climaxx with unlimited classes, 2 body composition and measurement assessments and nutritional information sessions. I learned so much about better options and it has made such a difference in my calorie intake. It did not take long for me to get into enjoying a regular routine of attending classes in my personal schedule. In just 2 months I doubled my performance stats in spin class! In a short 4 months, Climaxx has helped me reach way beyond my fitness goals in muscle tone and fitness level plus a 10 lb weight loss. The spin classes are a great calorie burn in a high energy atmosphere and there is a wide range of strength/core classes to tone/gain muscle mass and work on those abs!! The best part is the fact that the cycling has helped my arthritis to the point that I barely feel it at all. The staff at Climaxx is always friendly, motivating and encouraging; willing to help with concerns or answer questions any of the members have. Climaxx is a family atmosphere and you don't have to be a cyclist to attend - all fitness levels are welcome. Come alone & you will soon get to know the other members - I did! If you are a regular spinner or cyclist you will be impressed with Climaxx's high tech equipment. I am excited to be signing up for a year commitment this fall because nothing feels better than being fit & healthy and this is the place you will definitely find that path!
    Rachel K.. Climaxx Regular, Bike #8