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The Climaxx Experience

Climaxx Cycling offers the ultimate indoor cycling & fitness experience unlike any other in Niagara, with our state-of-the-art fitness & spin studios & cycling equipment.

Our cycling & fitness studio is the only one of its kind in Niagara.

We are highly specialized in indoor cycling technology. From the surround-sound stereo system and customized acoustics to the quality of the colour-washed lighting system, we create the ultimate environment that supports you to your potential. Our Performance Monitoring leaderboard keeps you engaged in class and provides real time feedback on how hard you are working. Your stats are emailed to you after class so yu can track your ongoing progress.

We are more than just a spin studio. At Climaxx Cycling & Fitness, you get two studios in one. Our fitness studio is stocked with the functional fitness equipment you need to go hardcore with your workouts. Stability Balls, Equalizer Bars, band, weights and more are used in our Hardcore Fitness Classes.

We pay attention to details that other people don't even notice. Everything, big and small at Climaxx Cycling & Fitness is designed to optimize your performance capabilities and enhance your experience. 

Our classes are designed to be time efficient and effective.

Classes are booked on our online reservation system. You commit to a time, show up and give it your best shot. We are serious about getting you the results you desire from your workout. We are a fitness family. And we motivate and push each other past perceived limitations.

We've got the best bikes. Period.

The Climaxx Cycling Studio has the newest and best of the Schwinn commercial bikes. For nearly 20 years, Schwinn has led the market in replicating a road ride on an indoor bike – you get the grit and feel of a real outdoor ride. It makes a difference. Find out more.

Our Performance Monitoring technology keeps you focused.

At Climaxx Cycling, our Performance Monitoring keeps you focused on your fitness goals, right now and long-term. You can see how you're performing every pedal stroke of your ride and can respond in 'real-time' to maximize the results you get from each class.

How hard did you work? You'll know immediately.

Your stats are emailed to you directly after class, so you can see how much power you exerted and how strong you're becoming. 

Our Instructors get it.

Our Instructors care about giving you the best cycling and fitness experience every time. Our instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and go the extra mile to keep you motivated and keep you  coming back! Check out each individual instructor's style here.

Get comfortable at no cost – and take as long as you need.

Our 30 minute Intro Ride, gives you the ideal opportunity to get comfortable with your bike before you move on to a regular class. If you need to come a couple of times, no problem. Read more.

Our free towel service is so much more.

You don't just get a towel. You get a rejuvenating experience. Our towels are infused with essential oils. Come in and find out what we mean.

Reverse-osmosis, Ricochet-branded water refills. Free.

You can taste the difference with good water. And the real difference is that it's free.

People who know performance training ride with Climaxx.

From professional cyclists to elite athletes to sports teams, people who know what it takes to perform well train at Climaxx Cycling & Fitness.  Read a few testimonials.

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