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Why use Prestige Labs  Supplements

Simply put…they are the best!  They use all natural pure ingredients, of the highest quality.  Made originally for professional athletes and Olympians, it is now available for everyone!


A successful fitness program relies on more than just the results of physical training. Nutrition is the key to real body transformation. 

Climaxx Cycling & Fitness is now a local distributor for Prestige Labs and as a convenience to our clients, orders are sent directly to your home address.

No longer do you have to worry about not having your favourite supplement available.  The variety of supplements that will also add to the success of your performance and quality of your training is outstanding!

Also available to our clients is the convenience and savings of a monthly subscription.  Sign up with Prestige Labs to have your favs shipped automatically every month.


100% All Natural Whey Protein Isolate



Vegan Protein Powder



BCAAs Fully Instantized

Available in Citrus Twist



270 grams 


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