Fit 3D ProScanner

At Climaxx Cycling & Fitness we are results driven and technology inspired. As part of our commitment to helping you achieve the results you desire from your fitness program, we are excited to offer the most advanced, current technology for measuring your progress.

Sure we have a state-of-the-art studio, Schwinn Carbon Blue bikes and the Performance IQ Monitoring system, but we haven't stopped there...

Climaxx Cycling & Fitness is now offering consultations on the Fit3D ProScanner!  What does the Fit3D ProScanner do?

fit3d-proscanner-climaxxIt takes 450 different measurements in 60 seconds and personalizes a 3D visualization of the user. Non-invasive metrics and accurate reading systems will track progress visually and with data.

The Fit3D ProScanner captures a full 360 model of a human body,  then automatically extracts the most important circumference, height, volume, and length measurements
A user logs in with his or her secure account information to the ProScanner
The Fit3D ProScanner captures a full 360 model of a human body 
The Fit3D System then automatically extracts hundreds of circumference, height, volume, and length measurements
Once processed, the user will receive an emailed report with his or her 3D image, measurements, as well as wellness trends
The user can login to at any time to interact with his or her 3D body scans, measurements, as well as add or edit additional wellness assessment data.

The Fit3D ProScanner will show users the progress that other tools can't! Using the Biospace InBody and Fit3D ProScanner together provides you with a comprehensive tracking system to help to reach your fitness goals...keeping you on target and in the game.