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Fitness Classes

Balance your indoor cycling routine with mat-based fitness classes at Climaxx Cycling.

Hardcore 60 Classes 

The name is both a description and a goal! Strength training is an essential part a well rounded fitness program. Our Hardcore classes are designed to be time efficient and effective in getting the results you desire in your workout.
Our Hardcore classes are strictly mat-based classes that work on building core strength and lean muscle with elements of HIIT, Circuit and Strength Training protocols. Each class uses a mix of Stability Balls, free weights, bands, Equalizer bars and more. Proper form, technique and breathing are a major focus in all classes. All fitness levels welcome. Modifications will be made for beginners. 

Just Core 45

Just core, say no more.
In this class we focus on strengthening the core with prescribed sets of core exercises performed with interval training protocol. A strong, stable core is essential to increase pedal stroke efficiency and power on the bike as well as reduce lower back pain and shoulder tension. This class design follows a prescribed plan based on interval training for the core in a specific work to rest ratio for optimal results.

Yoga For Cyclists 60

This 60 minute cycling-specific yoga experience is dedicated to a total state of focus that incorporates complete togetherness of body and mind. Yoga is an excellent addition to a cycling fitness program to stretch tight muscles, improve posture on and off the bike, enhance mental focus and breathe awareness, reduce cycling-specific repetitive strain and help prevent injuries. A yoga mat is recommended for this class.

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