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Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes at Climaxx Cycling & Fitness

Our Full Body Fitness classes are time-efficient and challenging so you get the results you desire quickly. Whatever your fitness level, every class at Studio 2 welcomes you to challenge yourself while have fun doing it!

All fitness classes are in Studio 2

Get ready for the most fun, innovative and challenging classes available in Niagara!

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Class Descriptions

  • Hardcore Bootcamp 45

    Hardcore Bootcamp 45 is a cardio intense, total body functional fitness workout. This bootcamp style workout features exercises to improve strength, muscle tone and endurance in an efficient 45 minute format. No prior experience required, just a hardcore spirit!

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    Hardcore Circuit 45 

    This intense 45 minute circuit class combines strength training on CYBEX branded equipment with a cardio burst component on the Concept 2 rowing machines. Hardcore Circuit 60 includes  3 sets at each station with a 3:1 work to rest ratio.  Hardcore.  High Intensity.  Fast Results. 

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  • Just Core 45

    This class focuses on strengthening the core with exercises performed with interval training protocol. A strong, stable core is essential to increase pedal stroke efficiency and power on the bike. This class follows a prescribed plan based on interval training, in a work-to-rest ratio for optimal results.

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  • Yoga 60 

    This mid-paced yoga class combines fundamental Hatha Yoga poses, mindful breathing and meditation.  During this quicker paced class, you will flow from one pose to the next seamlessly, warming up the body to lengthen, balance and strengthen, from inside out.  Each class ends with 10 minutes of Savasana (conscious relaxation) which will leave you rested and  restored.

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