Locations: 4 Secord Dr. | 8 Secord Dr.

Christine Sauriol| Instructor

For Christine, all is a constant balance; the yin and yang. In between her active life running, swmming, and practising yoga, she takes to a SPIN class like a fish in water. In her opinion, time on the bike is the best time spent for a cardio-intense, low- impact activity.

In Christine's class, you will challenge your mind and body in drills focusing on speed, endurance and intervals. And don’t forget her music -a kick-ass playlist for each class to ride like the wind.

This busy mom of two super active kids, writes for her website, benchyoga.com, dedicated to all things yoga, fitness and health in her home surroundings on the bench of the Niagara Escarpment.

Christine has been in the fitness industry for over twenty-five years and is certified as a yoga instructor (RYT) as well as a Schwinn and Reebok certified Indoor Cycling Instructor.

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