Locations: 4 Secord Dr. | 8 Secord Dr.

Corey Kantola | Instructor

It's all about passion and Corey has passion to spare. His energy and enthusiasm for fitness, nutrition and wellness is infectious.

Corey knows how to deliver the right motivation to get his clients to push just a little bit harder, to push past their limitations and to believe in themselves.

Corey has an eclectic 15 year fitness background, which includes professionally racing mountain bikes for Kona Bikes, gymnastics, parkour, boxing, rock climbing, slackline, running and just all around training. He is also a certified Can-Fit-Pro trainer. Most recently, Corey joined the Sufferlandrian Knighthood completing 12 hours of back to back Sufferfest cycling videos!

He has a Precision Nutrition Certification and when he's not teaching, motivating or training he works as a certified Chef.

Corey inspires his clients to believe that they are powerful and strong and those who work with him will be amazed at what they can achieve!

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