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50 Days of Climaxx

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50 Days of Climaxx

This summer at Climaxx Cycling & Fitness get your self whipped into shape with 50 Unlimited Days of Classes!! Real Ride45/60, HIITRide45, RippedRide60, LeHIIT60, PureYoga and more!! Come check out Niagara's Hottest Indoor Cycling Studio this July & August. This package also includes one scan on the Fit3D ProScanner and Biospace InBody Scanner.

Our cycling studio is the only one of its kind in Niagara.
We pay attention to details that other people don't even notice. Everything, big and small, at the Climaxx Cycling Studio is designed to optimize your performance capabilities and enhance your experience. Our 'state-of-the-art' mindset doesn't stop at the cycling equipment.
From the surround sound stereo system and customized acoustics to the quality of the colour washed lighting system, which allow our instructors to create an environment in the studio that supports riders to their potential...
At Climaxx Cycling, our Performance IQ Monitoring keeps you focused on your fitness goals, right now and long-term. You can see how you're performing every pedal stroke of your ride and can respond in 'real-time' to maximize the results you get from each class.
Climaxx Cycling has the newest and best of the Schwinn commercial bikes. For nearly 20 years, Schwinn has led the market in replicating a road ride on an indoor bike – you get the grit and feel of a real outdoor ride. It makes a difference. Come in to see for yourself!

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