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Join The Climaxx Big Bike Ride Team

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Join The Climaxx Big Bike Ride Team

Join our Climaxx Cycling & Fitness team for the Big Bike Ride, Monday June 13th 2016 at Kelseys in support of the Heart & Stroke Foundation.


Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death for Canadian men and women.
Since there’s strength in numbers, we want you to join us!

Will you help us be the most successful Big Bike team by joining our team or making a donation today? 

All of the money raised through Big Bike will go to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, where they’ll use it to develop life-saving treatments that bring hope to heart disease and stroke patients.

In the last year alone, the Heart and Stroke Foundation has helped create 165,000 survivors. It’s only with our help that they can continue to fund this vital research, and return more survivors home to their loved ones.  

Thank you for your support!
For donations and rider registration go to http://support.heartandstroke.ca/site/TR/BigBike2016/BB_General_2016?team_id=15419&pg=team&fr_id=2990
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