Performance Monitoring

State-of-the-art performance monitoring technology at Climaxx Cycling can help track your progress and keep you on a continual path to success.

Real Life Instructors & Coaching

This is not a virtual system or a game. At Climaxx Cycling we take your fitness needs and goals very seriously. With real life coaching and instructing, classes are always fresh and exciting. The creativity and individuality of our instructors shine through every time!

Heart Rate Zone Training (Various Classes)

Strap on a Heart Rate Monitor and watch how, over a period of time, you recover and return to the green/blue zone quickly. Training in the "Orange" zone improves fitness levels quickly and effectively. 

Team Power & Group Training

The team mode can offer an interesting way to promote friendly competition, which is especially effective during special group attendance or events, like corporate events or weddings, but also among riders in our regular classes.

Personal Threshold Training

Riders are asked to perform a short test during class to find their "critical power" level. Using the Personal Threshold number that the system has calculated based on that test, riders are able to perform zone training for their individual sustainable power levels.

Individual Power Training Through Separate Intervals or Overall Power

Our system calculates watts per pound to 'level the playing field'. Because the system calculates pure power (watts/lb), this means a 6 ft. tall person person can be compared to a person of 5 ft. in height.

Data Tracking Through My Stats

Be sure to use the same email and password that you use to log into your Climaxx account. Complete MY STATS to customize your results. This completion of MY STATS also initiates the customized emails (showing your performance), which will be sent to you after each class.

Our system shows maximum watts, average watts, RPM, heart rate, and accumulated calories burned all in real time, regardless of which mode the class was performed in.

Are you ready to REACH YOUR PEAK at Climaxx Cycling & Fitness?

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