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RealMe Scan Duo

The RealMe Scan Duo Available at Climaxx Cycling & Fitness

At Climaxx Cycling & Fitness we are results driven and technology inspired. As part of our commitment to helping you achieve the results you desire from your fitness program, we are excited to offer the most advanced, current technology for measuring your progress.

The RealMe Scan Duo combines two of the most accurate advances in body composition and measurement technology; the Fit 3D ProScanner and the BioSpace InBody Scanner.

FIT3D ProScanner

Fit3D ProScanner

The Fit3D ProScanner takes 450 different body measurements, then automatically extracts the data to create a personalized 3D visualization of the user. Non-invasive metrics and accurate reading systems will help users track their progress. By using the BioSpace InBody and Fit3D ProScanner together in the RealMe Scan Duo, you get a comprehensive tracking system to help reach your fitness goals, keeping you on target and in the game.

InBody Scanner

InBody Scanner

The InBody Scanner is the most advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer available today, offering highly accurate, comprehensive and detailed reporting on body composition. This scanner can accurately measure and track your body composition based on body mass index, skeletal muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat level, and more. Climaxx Cycling is the first facility in Ontario to offer the Biospace Inbody to members and non-members alike.

RealMe Scan Duo consultations and packages available.

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