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Rowing Classes

Rowing Classes at Climaxx Cycling & Fitness

Rowing classes at Climaxx will take your fitness goals to the next level. Increase strength, agility and stamina with these high-intensity classes. A full body workout focusing on proper form - you won't learn to float a boat here, but you will build your fitness in this 30 minute structured class setting - fun and challenging!

At Climaxx Cycling we have always been ahead of the other fitness facilities when it comes to technology, innovation and creativity.  Our newest cardio class is the inspiration of my son, who is a member of the Canadian National Rowing Team.  He is my inspiration for creating this class. If you have ever known what it takes to be an elite rower, you know that it takes focus, drive and sincere dedication both physically and mentally.  

Get leaner, and improve strength and cardio with these intense sessions. Open to all fitness levels.

Intro to Row

Everything You Need to Know

In this short video, learn everything you need to know before you attend your first row class. Learn proper row machine setup customized for you; proper technique and form when using the rowing machine to maximize your workout and prevent injuries; and learn how to read the digital console performance metrics.

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Climaxx Rowing Climaxx Rowing Classes Niagara

All Rowing Classes are in Climaxx Cycling & Fitness - 4 Secord Drive

New to Climaxx, this challenging and innovate workout cannot be found at any other fitness facility in Niagara!

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Rowing Classes

  • RealRow 30

    RealRow 30 is an intensive 30 minute rowing class, during which you will be rowing with proper form and stroke to effectively build cardiovascular endurance. Pieces will include endurance and intervals, working towards setting clients up for racing pieces in the Pro Row 30

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  • Competitive Row 30  Coming Fall 2019!

    60 minutes of intense Rowing intervals designed to work lower body, core and upper body and increase metabolic response. The Venue Race Application of the Concept 2 Rowing software allows us link all rowing stations for real time racing during class!

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