Schwinn Bikes – Innovation, Unchained

Climaxx Cycling is proud to offer the ultimate training experience with Schwinn Bikes Carbon Blue™ technology to give you an authentic outdoor biking feel you want from an indoor ride.

Why did we choose Schwinn Bikes?

For nearly 20 years, Schwinn chain drive bikes have led the indoor cycling industry.

Even as other companies began to use belt drives, Schwinn has stayed true to its technology for one simple reason: belt drives on traditional indoor bikes feel nothing like riding an outdoor bike. Today, all of that is changing.

Schwinn Indoor Cycling Bikes at Climaxx Cycling in St. Catharines

A revolutionary new belt drive is taking the outdoor bike community by storm... and it's coming inside.

Schwinn has adapted this new belt drive technology – calling it Carbon Blue™ Technology – and brought it indoors on its A.C. Performance Plus BIke. This next generation system delivers the authentic outdoor cycling feel that riders know and love.

The unique high-inertia drive train on our Schwinn bikes provides momentum and feel of chain drive while the toothed belt provides rider feedback and road feel.

So, you can now get a very different ride.

Riding at Climaxx Cycling is a transformational experience. Your body and your mind are more aligned and ready to take on an outdoor challenge, indoors.

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