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Climaxx Cycling & Fitness Testimonials

Seeing Results at Climaxx Cycling & Fitness

These testimonials about Climaxx Cycling & Fitness make us happy, because they mean that we are achieving what we set out to do – provide the ultimate spin & fitness experience in the Niagara Region.

Kirsten Moore Towers Testimonial, Climaxx Cycling, St. Catharines (Niagara), Ontario

Kirsten Moore Towers

Canadian Pair Skater | 2014 Silver Medalist, Sochi Olympics

Representing Canada at the Olympics was a dream come true for me. Maintaining a fitness level that allows me to compete on the world stage requires cross training. One of the things that I love to do several times a week is SPIN.

When I come home to St. Catharines, I spin with Kathy Brodeur at Climaxx Cycling & Fitness. Kathy motivates me and gets everything out of me that I have to give. She impresses me with her professionalism and positive outlook, and really makes a spin class challenging and fun. I love the feedback from bikes. It lets me measure my progress from class to class.

Jason Dorlan

Olympian & Director of Rowing at Ridley College

Part of the challenge of coaching rowers through a long winter of indoor training is keeping the routine fresh, demanding and fun.

Two years ago, we asked Kathy Brodeur to design, implement and run the spin-class sessions with our Senior High Performance Rowers at Ridley College. She brought a palpable dose of positive energy to our group and ran first class sessions every week.

The results of those sessions were that our athletes dominated at local indoor ergattas and then went onto become National Champions during our spring regatta season.

I would highly recommend involving Kathy in working with any team intent on achieving high performance. She is knowledgeable, professional and extremely passionate about working with motivated athletes.

Jason Dorland | Olympian & Director of Rowing at Ridley College
Jackie B., Climaxx Cycling & Fitness member

Jackie B.

Climaxx Cycling & Fitness Member

The training that Climaxx Cycling & Fitness provided enabled me to complete a 1020 mile road bike tour from Land’s End, Cornwall, England to John O’Groats, Scotland in 14 days. I made it up some very steep hills, including The Lecht (number one on the top ten road bike climbs in Scotland), and enjoyed lunch in the ski chalet once I reached the top. I managed to stay mid pack with serious club cyclists. They did not believe me when I said that I mainly train indoors on spinning bikes. They said “you must have kick ass coaches and great classes!" I said “indeed I do.” I put my Climaxx training to the test and it did not let me down. Thanks to you all.  Jackie

Vanessa Woods

Climaxx Cycling & Fitness Member

Before joining Climaxx Cycling & Fitness I was never someone who enjoyed going to the gym or being super active. But the amazing environment at Climaxx has totally changed that for me! The first day I showed up for a spin class I was greeted with so much excitement from the instructor and felt so welcomed by everyone, that I knew right away that this would become a part of my routine.
I love the spin classes. Each instructor has their own unique style and it's always a challenge. It's great to be able to see my results on the class leaderboard and have my own online record to track my progress as I gradually improve over time. The HardCore Fitness classes are also amazing! I've never lifted weights before these classes; it's not something I ever thought I'd enjoy. But the way the classes are designed makes it really fun, and I genuinely look forward to them. I love feeling myself get stronger! After starting out with a Silver membership I had to upgrade to Gold, going 3 times a week just wasn't enough anymore, and I know that I'll be upgrading again to Platinum very soon!
It's been an amazing experience just in the 4 months since I've started. I've lost 15 lbs and I feel stronger than I ever have, and I'm now fully confident that Climaxx Cycling & Fitness will end up being a huge part of helping me reach my goals! The instructors, and the other members, are all so kind and welcoming. I'm very grateful I discovered this fantastic studio!

Rachel K.

Climaxx Regular, Bike #8

I checked out Climaxx Cycling & Fitness after being diagnosed with arthritis in my right hip due to many years of pavement running. After a slump of many months of low physical activity and poor eating habits, I signed up for the 6 Week Challenge at Climaxx with unlimited classes, 2 body composition and measurement assessments and nutritional information sessions. I learned so much about better options and it has made such a difference in my calorie intake. It did not take long for me to get into enjoying a regular routine of attending classes in my personal schedule. In just 2 months I doubled my performance stats in spin class! In a short 4 months, Climaxx has helped me reach way beyond my fitness goals in muscle tone and fitness level plus a 10 lb weight loss.

The spin classes are a great calorie burn in a high energy atmosphere and there is a wide range of strength/core classes to tone/gain muscle mass and work on those abs!! The best part is the fact that the cycling has helped my arthritis to the point that I barely feel it at all. The staff at Climaxx is always friendly, motivating and encouraging; willing to help with concerns or answer questions any of the members have. Climaxx is a family atmosphere and you don't have to be a cyclist to attend - all fitness levels are welcome. Come alone & you will soon get to know the other members - I did! If you are a regular spinner or cyclist you will be impressed with Climaxx's high tech equipment. I am excited to be signing up for a year commitment this fall because nothing feels better than being fit & healthy and this is the place you will definitely find that path!

Michaella P.

Bike #18 #leftrightleft

It's worth the drive from Burlington. Even though there are roughly 3 locations within a 5-10 min drive for me to do a spin class I travel 35 minutes (each way) to Climaxx Cycling + Fitness in St. Catharines...Why!? Three reasons: the feel of the studio, the community of people who go there and the instructors - they are the inspiration for my perspiration!

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